Český prezident Miloš Zeman uvažuje o vetovaní prípadného uzákonenia manželstva homosexuálov / Czech president Milos Zeman considers Veto for homosexual marriages (SK, ENG)

11.01.2019 22:37


Český prezident Miloš Zeman uvažuje o tom, že bude vetovať prípadné uzákonenie možnosti manželstva pre homosexuálov. Manželstvo je podľa neho určené na to, aby rodina vychovávala deti. / Czech president Milos Zeman considers Veto of possible laws about homosexual marriages. According to him, marriage is about bringing up children and homosexuals normally cannot achieve it! The state must take care about marriages with children and support them at first.

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Note Biblik: In Czech republic and in Slovakia we are dealing with lack of support from state, especially we're missing support for traditional family. Minimal wage for probably "normal" life in Slovakia is around 600 € per single person. Maternity leave in Slovakia is standard around 300€. A working man with his pregnant woman they need around 1200 € and they have only 900 €... if they're lucky! It is courage to have a baby is such state! Primary cell of state is traditional family. Satan is trying to destroy the traditional family. Pushing official homosexual marriages is another step to destroy the state. Satan is trying to invoke his chaos - to prepare his New world order from chaos.