Electrosensitivity symptoms can be eliminated in 60% of people and significantly reduced in the rest – Dr. Brian Clement (ENG) + Note Biblik

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"If you ask me what is the most serious problem that man has created, I would say that the first is electropollution, followed by chemicals and heavy metals." Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute

"When I use my cell, I never put it on my head, I always use the speakerphone, with a 29$ speaker that can also be installed in a car." Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute

"The most important thing is to drink pure water." Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute

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SOURCE: https://maisonsaine.ca/english/electrosensitivity-symptoms-can-be-eliminated-in-60-of-people-and-significantly-reduced-in-the-rest-dr-brian-clement.html

A naturopath who holds a doctorate in nutrition, Brian Clement says he has successfully treated more than 4,000 electrohypersensitive people at the Hippocrates Institute which he heads. Founded in Boston in 1956 by nutritionist Ann Wigmore and now based in Florida, the Institute is one of the world’s most renowned natural health centers. Tens of thousands of people have seen their health improve after adopting its healthy lifestyle program and discovering the virtues of raw food cures (germinations, sprouts and their juices). Here is the fascinating telephone interview he granted us in January 2012.
Version française de cette entrevue

By Andre Fauteux, Editor/Publisher La Maison du 21e siecle magazine (Quebec, Canada) www.21esiecle.qc.ca
AF: When and how did you become interested in the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)? BC: It all began in the 1980s, when I became interested in electromagnetic therapies which I discovered in Europe. I acquired these machines, some of which cost millions of dollars, after finding that they had helped extremely sick people. The source of their discomfort was related to the electronic age. Since the 1990s, they spent their days in front of a computer, then, with the advent of cell phones, their symptoms worsened dramatically. It was easy to link them with EMFs. Sometimes, their symptoms disappeared when they ceased to be exposed to this electrosmog, but in severe cases, symptoms only decreased. For about 30 years, we have analyzed the living blood of our patients under the microscope, and in recent years, we have made biofrequency tests and conventional blood tests. People who are the most electrohypersensitive are universal power conductors. Unfortunately, doctors often place them in psychiatric institutions. Yet these people were happy at work and in their families, and healthy until they began to feel the rain two days in advance, to feel passing cars on the street and to get a headache when their children turned on the TV.
AF: What’s happening with these people? BC: The basic premise is simple: the human body is primarily electromagnetic. For two months I worked with Dr. Valerie Hunt, an extraordinary woman who is 95 years old. In 1948, she became the first female professor of medicine at the University of California.In the 1950s, she pioneered biofrequency treatments and therapies. We hope to replace the physical biology paradigm with that of human quantum biology which shows that the most important EMFs are not those found in our cells, but those in the electromagnetic canvas which is the basis of who we are.
The body has one hundred trillion cells that have an electromagnetic frequency. When this frequency is abnormal, the cell may mutate and develop into cancer, or, if you’re lucky, the cell becomes a cyst, or leads to cardiovascular disease or mental illness. Here’s a simpler explanation: when we look at healthy cells under a microscope, we see cells plump and round, turning clockwise, symphonically to the rhythm of the ocean, the earth’s rotation, etc. Everything has an electromagnetic connectivity. In any cell, there are several elements, but one of those that appeal to you and connect you to electromagnetism is magnetite. It can connect to a man screaming 10,000 miles away, to the moon, to the universe and unfortunately to manmade EMFs. The body is like a sponge. All doctors, even the most conservative, are testing you with electromagnetic devices, but as the pharmaceutical industry controls their profession, they treat you mainly with chemicals. What is an MRI, a PET scan, a CT scan or ultrasound? These are ways to measure biofrequencies, electromagnetic frequencies in your cells. It is an art, a sophisticated science that determines what disease afflicts you by the incorrect frequency of your cells. So here at the Institute, we treat you electromagnetically – at the right frequency and at the right dose – and we give you live foods that contain beneficial electromagnetism. Your body can tolerate some electromagnetic interference, but when it is constant, the cells begin to die or mutate or not to regenerate your bones, your organs and tissues. If you ask me what is the most serious problem that man has created, I would say that the first is electropollution, followed by chemicals and heavy metals.
AF: That’s what Dr Robert O. Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, said in a 2000 interview with Linda Moulton Howe : “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. “
BC: He was right.
AF: How do you react when the World Health Organization says electrohypersensitivity symptoms have not been proven to be related to EMF exposure?
BC: It must be remembered that the world we live in is controlled by corporate interests. Although we are taught in the West that we are free, we are probably manipulated more than people who live in countries where population control is so blatant.
AF: Actually, Russia and China have adopted among the world’s strictest EMF exposure limits to protect their populations.
BC: That’s because good research on EMF was conducted in those countries.
AF: These are countries where democratic rights are most violated! What does this say about our society?
BC: Here, money has become a god. Ethics and honor are lost in the West. This is why we will fall into ruin. When people were poor, they lived by their values. We had it too easy for too long, then we lost our values. I will never forget what former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said to John F. Kennedy when I was young: "Don’t worry, we don’t need to bombard you with the atomic bomb, you’ll destroy yourself with your greed!" Unfortunately, his curse came true. That said, it is important to say that today, anyone who doubts that electromagnetic energy can have adverse effects on human health is at best a fool, at worst, a corrupt man. Put me any healthy person in a room, I will turn on a radio, and you will immediately see a difference in their cells. They go to the free flow of a beautiful Mozart concert, then when you introduce an EMF, depending on the level of intensity, they’ll clump together in a corner as if a monster had entered the room. And with higher frequencies or certain more subtle but harmful frequencies, the more they stick together like children seeking refuge.
AF: Tell us more about your diagnostic tools.
BC: By far the most accurate one is the dark field microscope used to test live blood. In addition, the Ondamed biofrequency testing machine is one of the more sophisticated today. It was invented by an Austrian and not only detects electromagnetic problems, but also biological frequency problems as it tests biofrequencies of cells and organ systems. The good news is that the effectiveness of this technology is doubling every eight to ten months, which costs me dearly in equipment because I change them every three years!
AF: In Quebec, the government acknowledges that because of the popularity of our electric heating (installed in 70% of homes thanks to cheap hydro power), magnetic field exposure levels are among the highest in the world. In addition, we hold Canadian records for incidence rates of cancers linked to magnetic fields (brain, blood, breast and child cancers). Today, otherwise healthy people are becoming electrosensitive with the proliferation of wireless devices, including new smart meters that emit radiofrequencies, but Hydro-Quebec says these reactions are probably psychosomatic.
BC: In the 1970s, doctors said that hypoglycemia didn’t exist and referred those patients to the psychiatrist saying they were depressed. Today it’s a condition commonly recognized in conventional medicine.
AF: According to European surveys, up to 13% of people say they are electrohypersensitive. What do you think?
BC: I think we are all sensitive to EMFs and 3 to 5% of us are electrohypersensitive (EHS). We treat 2,000 people a year and at least 150 of them fall into this category. Obviously, we deal mostly with sick people, but I think it’s certainly more than 4% who are EHS.
AF: Why do some become electrohypersensitive and not others?
BC: It’s because their cells have already abnormal biofrequencies, either by birth or because they were exposed to various substances in their childhood, including heavy metals. If your cells contain metal, they will attract and enhance electrical frequencies like a lightning rod, which makes them more likely to develop EHS symptoms. In short, the more your body contains heavy metals, the more you’ll have health problems with EMFs.
AF: Do EHS people also suffer from electrochemical imbalances?
BC: Absolutely, 100% of them. People with electromagnetic problems also have problems with chemicals and people with chemical problems are more susceptible to EMFs. We find a higher levels of acidity in 100% of these people, as well as more heart disease and brain disorders. In moderate cases, we talk about attention deficit and dyslexia, and in the worst cases, of brain cancer. Today, if you do not understand how serious the problem is, just watch the statistics of cancer in children. When I started my career forty years ago, we didn’t see children with brain cancer, whereas today it is the second leading cause of death after childhood leukemia (fatal accidents are the first cause). So why can you explain we started from scratch two generations ago and that we made it to the current situation?
AF: Some blame the broad use of pesticides.
BC: Yes, but this is the second leading cause with heavy metals. The first cause is electromagnetic pollution. The all come together, obviously.
AF: And there is synergy between these pollutants which multiplies their effects.
BC: Yes. It is a synergy of energy that creates abnormal energies.
AF: Besides reducing one’s EMF exposure, can electrosensitivity be treated? 
BC: I think we can reduce symptoms in 100% of cases but in only about 40% of cases, the most electrosensitive will have negative effects throughout their lives. This is because they have exhausted their nervous system to such an extent that their nerve cells operate at an abnormal frequency. In the other 60% of cases, people manage to stabilize their nerves and neurons, but it can take weeks or years depending on the individual.
AF: If your doctor recommends meditation, I guess it can’t hurt?
BC: Yes, because meditation helps you focus. Anything that grounds you is a good way to get better. We can do simple things, like ideally walking barefoot on soil or if not on your hardwood or tile floor. I am not an expert in this area, but I helped a friend to ground a recording studio in his cottage. It’s simple: we placed an eighth-of-an-inch copper wire around the cottage, and attached it to large metal rods buried around the building. Myself, I do not particularly like jewelry, but I wear a pendant around my neck that acts as an EMF shield. Many of these devices work. I use a Gia computer chip on all our computers and our cell phones. Several years ago, I had the privilege to discuss for three hours with the Russian scientist who developed this molecular resonance effect technology, Dr. Igor Smirnov. Originally, he worked for the Soviet space program and his research had nothing to do with cell phones. He explained: “Cosmonauts in their twenties returned from three days in space and couldn’t stand up. Biologically, they had become 60- or 70-year-old men. Our conscience forbade us from sending them into space without finding a way to protect them from gamma rays. So we put a protective web around the space capsules.” When the Iron Curtain fell, the Soviet Union was bankrupt and Germans bought this space technology for peanuts to manufacture consumer products based on sound science.
AF: A few years ago, Dr. George Carlo decried the fact that some people became very sick after using such chips that had manufacturing defects. They were using their cell phones all day thinking they were protected when they were not. Shouldn’t we only focus on reducing our EMF exposure?
BC: When I use my cell, I never put it on my head, I always use the speakerphone, with a 29$ speaker that can also be installed in a car. And I only use my computer for PowerPoint presentations. I don’t even type any more: I use the Dragon voice recognition software: it’s about 98% accurate and I can even Edit without using the keyboard.
AF: Getting back to heavy metals, are they the leading cause of electrohypersensitivity?
BC: There is no doubt that the combination of heavy metals and EMFs is the number one cause of hypersensitivity to various frequencies.
AF: So how do you detoxify your EHS patients?
BC: They must first avoid meat because it too often contains heavy metals conducting electricity. Most heavy metals are stored in the body fat, organs and cells. The first step is to get rid of excess fat. Second, we recommend the daily use of an infrared sauna, and copious consumption (at least 30 tablets a day, in the worst cases from 120 to 180 tablets per day) of Chlorella, a green freshwater algea. We put people in an infrared sauna at least 30 minutes once a day for the easy cases, and 30 to 60 minutes, two or three times a day for serious cases. It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the duration of the sauna.
AF: Yes, because sweating returns the heavy metals in the bloodstream, right?
BC: Definitely. Infrared waves have a frequency that heats the interior of body cells and opens them as though they are tickled. But we must not forget that the most important thing is to drink pure water.
AF: I filter my well water with a multi-stage system including reverse osmosis. But should you really drink eight glasses of water a day?
BC: For each pound of body weight, people should drink daily ½ ounce of water or green juice – for example, a wheat grass juice to detoxify and balance your protein. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you need 75 ounces (2.2 liters) of water per day.
AF: What are the most important nutritional supplements for the electrosensitive?
BC: Seaweed and edible green clay from France. In addition, systemic enzymes help restore the normal frequency of cells.
AF: And what minerals and vitamins promote detoxification?
BC: B vitamins allow nerves to grow so that neurons can regain their normal state. You have to be very careful because, as I wrote a few years ago in my book Supplements Exposed, 91% of the vitamins on the market contain deadly synthetic chemicals made from petroleum. They should be avoided. Good vitamin supplements (such as New Chapter and Vitamin Code brands) are made with natural and whole ingredients. Minerals are also important. Since most are not digested by the body, you must choose ionic minerals. For example, most calcium tablets on the market contain crushed oyster shells that harden the arteries, or worse, ground chalk that causes cancer. The most important ionic minerals for electrosensitive people are manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. It’s good to eat seaweed but rinse their salt as a high sodium increases electrical frequencies in the body. In Canada, I recommend dulce seaweed.
AF: What else do you recommend for EHS?
BC: If possible, it is very important to take mineral baths, for example, putting Dead Sea or even common salt in your bath. You lie in very, very hot water for 20 to 30 minutes at night before going to bed. For something a bit more powerful, add a quarter cup of powdered ginger (much cheaper if purchased in an Indian food market.) It heats the body and gently opens the pores of the skin to give you more ionic energy and to ground the electromagnetic energy in your body. Water, of course, is the best conductor.
AF: Should bath water be filtered to prevent pollutants from penetrating your open skin pores? BC: Yes. You can put a good carbon filter on a hand-held shower head and use it to fill your bath. Municipal water and well water is very polluted worldwide. A factory can pollute groundwater 200 miles away.
AF: It’s unfortunate because many people are concerned about all these pollutants that depress the nervous system. In your opinion, what will it take to wake people up?
BC: I think we need to be aware of the increasing incidence of environmental illness.What I most fear is that today, the sickest people I treat are the youngest. It makes my job more difficult because it is much easier to treat a person 60 or 70 who has lived his life. Right now, I have a girl of 16 dying of a stage 4 cancer [metastatic spread to other organs]. Such a situation has become common because we live in a cesspool. Nobody is responsible and governments no longer defend the interests of citizens but those of businesses.
AF: What other products can protect us from EMFs?
BC: There are several on the international market.
AF: Have you tried the EMF-Bioshield for computer monitors and TVs?
BC: Yes, and it seems to work. The public has confidence in the ethics of manufacturers, but unfortunately there are unethical people who make crap and tell you that their products will protect you. However, there are reliable people who rely on real science. If you can make a product that meets a standard of scientific literature after peer-review, this product will have some credibility. When I started to study these devices over 30 years ago, I was skeptical, I thought it was rubbish to be honest. Then I saw a movie in which electromagnetic waves could be seen, then you could see that these waves no longer affected a subject who was shielded. My colleague, Dr. Valerie Hunt, already knew all this 60 years ago. In short, we must treat people with the right frequencies while eliminating their exposure to abnormal frequencies.
AF: Are American physicians interested in these treatments?
BC: Yes, the process is slow, but there are thousands of them in private practice today.
AF: Here, environmental doctors lie low, fearing the College of Physicians and Surgeons call them charlatans and strip them of their right to practice.
BC: The world is evolving, but for that Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy had to be assassinated, Nelson Mandela was sent to prison, and Jesus was crucified! I don’t think the average Quebecer and Canadian know how much their medical system is corrupt. From our childhood we were brainwashed into thinking that doctors were good guys who wanted to help us. And I think 99% of people studying medicine do it for the right reasons. If it was only to make money, they would not invest in 12 years of higher education. Except that they are taught to become pharmacists, pushing drugs. They are rarely taught to disease prevention and lifestyle habits, the things that matter.
AF: As a journalist, it’s sometimes hard not to depress people!
BC: Just tell your readers Dr Clement says we can eliminate the symptoms of electrosensitivity in 60% of people and significantly reduce them in the other 40%. And that the most important thing is to avoid exposing yourself to EMFs as much as possible and to ground your home properly, which can be done  cheaply. Finally, there are effective safety devices that will enable the emergence of solid organizations and businesses in this area over the next ten, twenty years.

Note Biblik: we thing the very important thing is to have chairs, sofas and beds without the metallic strings! Those are like antennas leading EM radiation into your body. We're pretty sure, this world is designed by people (or entities) who exactly know, what they're doing and they do it on purpose.



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40 Responses

    1. Yes, cleaning up our act is key. The clean-up involves reducing and aligning the external environment with the melatonin/cortisol rhythm, something I describe in detail in ‘The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook’. I wrote it to celebrate my tenth year of living EHS-free!

      Essentially it comes down to minimizing wireless signals, electricity and other factors that keep our environmentally sensitive hormones on alert at all the wrong times. Ultimately that disruption reduces healing and heightens sensitivity. So to reduce sensitivity, and speed healing, that interference needs to be cleaned up.

  1. agfauteux

    All experts agree that pollutant source removal is the top priority in cleaning the environment. However, since it’s virtually impossible to reduce EMF exposure to zero today and that a growing number (an estimated 3 to 13%) of the population is electrosensitive, I find it useful to know that heavy metal poisoning is suspected to be the main cause of electrosensitivity.

  2. Art Tricque

    There is so much wrong with Mr. Clement’s responses, I almost do not know where to start. Let’s just take the first paragraph.

    1. Electromagnetic therapy does not work. So the very expensive machines Mr. Clement purchased in the 80s were useless. BTW, that they were expensive has no bearing on whether they work. See various authoritative sources cited in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_therapy_(alternative_medicine)
    2. “It was easy to link them with EMFs.” No other rigorous scientific or medical body can link any symptom to EMF at levels below safety standards. I would love to know what exhaustive testing is done for the non-specific symptoms (headaches, general pain, dizziness, insomnia, etc) reported by those claiming to be affected by EMF, since the could be as a result of hundreds of other possible conditions?
    3. “biofrequency tests” are quack medicine. The concept was invented almost a hundred years ago (see https://www.skepdic.com/vibrationalmedicine.html), and there is no rigorous scientific evidence to support it.
    4. “People who are the most electrohypersensitive are universal power conductors.” What is the scientific definition in humans as to their being “universal power conductors”? There is none. It is, however, elementary electrics (that is, laws of physics) that every human on the planet being can conduct electricity, given enough voltage and current. But EMFs at levels below safety standards do not have such an effect. This term means nothing.
    5. “Unfortunately, doctors often place them in psychiatric institutions.” People get put into psychiatric institutions because the have psychiatric disorders, and for no other reason.

    That is the nonsense in Mr. Clement’s first response alone.

    PS Mr. Clement says that Robert O. Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. He doesn’t specify for which prize, but I will assume he meant Medicine. However, nominations for the prize are kept secret for 50 years, and the only public resource, with information only up to 1951 and available at https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/nomination/database.html , does not list Mr. Becker. I doubt any nomination of which he might have been the subject is yet public, since Becker’s work was in the 1960s and ’70s, and nominations / prizes are not typically made / awarded until years after initial discoveries, when the impact of any ground-breaking work has become apparent.

    1. Peter Andrews

      It’s a pity to see such a scientifically ignorant response. There are hundreds of research papers demonstrating the physiological effects of EMF at levels many orders of magnitude below the ridiculous ‘safety limits’. These limits were created out of thin air, based on nothing.

      My advice is to read the science and then share your opinion with others.

    2. Why do demoralizing people always show up to discredit the help that is being given to sick and suffering people with EHS? It is because the industry that is making wads of money from wireless devices is never going to admit their technology harms people. Then they pay shills to show up here to try to divert uninformed readers away from the truth. Shameful. You made yourself look quite foolish Mr.Tricque as you have been corrected for your ignorant comment about Dr. Becker. Why don’t you do something useful and memorable with your life…volunteer at a hospital to spend time with the sick and dying. Maybe you will learn compassion.

    3. veronica

      While there is evidence emerging linking electromagnetic radiation to the biological symptoms people are having, it is just beginning to be heard and seen by main stream people. Many are suffering from the effects but do not know what is causing it. However, there are some people who, upon exposure, feel ill and have discomfort from the exposures. Denying it does not make it stop. Blaming those who suffer doesn’t make it stop. Assuming a person who gets ill every time they are exposed to the nonioinizing fields doesn’t understand what is happening to them is unsound. People know when they are getting ill and what makes them ill. Now they might not understand why it makes them ill–but boy doe it makes them ill!! Please stop the denial and let’s find a safer way to communicate and a better way to treat those who are suffering rom this.

    4. veronica

      While there is evidence emerging linking electromagnetic radiation to the biological symptoms people are having, it is just beginning to be heard and seen by main stream people. Many are suffering from the effects but do not know what is causing it. However, there are some people who, upon exposure, feel ill and have discomfort from the exposures. Denying it does not make it stop. Blaming those who suffer doesn’t make it stop. Assuming a person who gets ill every time they are exposed to the nonioinizing fields doesn’t understand what is happening to them is unsound. People know when they are getting ill and what makes them ill. Now they might not understand why it makes them ill–but boy doe it makes them ill!! Please stop the denial and let’s find a safer way to communicate and a better way to treat those who are suffering from this.

    5. Don

      When exposure to these EMF’s causes severe tangible symptoms it is IMPOSSIBLE for an individual to be “making this up.”
      When an individual can alter diet, etc. and will NOT SEE said tangible symptoms no matter which they follow, it CAN NOT be caused then by those conditions.
      But when the ONLY thing to change is being exposed to various technologies, THAT IS THE CAUSE. there is no other answer. You are denying what science is – EMPIRICAL based on TESTED DATA.
      THIS proves the cause but is IGNORED by ignorant people like you who lack a basic understanding of science.
      As it IS NOT the electricity per say but the PROTONS produced by the electromagnetic fields.
      Along with heavy metals, as stated in this article, which act like beacons to radio signals,
      These signals are just outside the MICROWAVE range. Hence why many feel symptoms that are similar to if you were microwaved.
      Shows like ” Better call Saul” paint those of us with this condition as the loons, when in fact IMAGINARY MAKE BELIEVE SITUATIONS DO NOT SAY WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS OR IS NOT A REAL CONDITION.
      Similar to the excuse “the symptoms could be caused by any number of conditions.”
      Yet as previously stated, when ALL OTHER SCENARIOS DO NOT REPRODUCE THE SYMPTOMS OTHER THAN EMF EXPOSURE, that IS the cause of the illness.
      It is IMPOSSIBLE to produce psychosomatic symptoms in this case since as stated it is IMPOSSIBLE to know if there are or are not wifi, etc on in any location without a device telling you.
      YOU refuse to admit to the facts because admission is an admission of guilt.

      1. André Fauteux

        In fact above 1 Ghz we are talking about microwaves indeed.
        In 2000, the Nordic Council of Ministers in Europe recognized electromagnetic intolerance or “El-allergy”.
        among “Conditions with aetiology attributed to environmental factors – mechanisms not yet understood”
        “Usually general symptoms (tiredness, nausea, memory- and concentration
        difficulties etc.) related to use of TV/PC/data-screens, electrical transformers or
        fluorescent lamps. Symptoms disappear in “non-electrical environments”.”

  3. agfauteux

    Thank you for your comments.
    Here are two confirmations of Dr Becker’s two Nobel nominations in medicine.
    First from Upstate University:

    And from his former colleague Andrew Marino:
    &&The report is true.
    The first nomination was in January 1978. I saw the nomination form that had been sent to Dr Becker’s nominator by Dr Luft, the chairman of the 1978 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, and I have in my possession the letter that Dr Becker wrote to the nominator wherein Dr Becker summarized his accomplishments, as requested by the nominator. I also have in my possession both the letter sent to Dr Becker by the 1978 Nobel Committee asking him to nominate one or more candidates for the Prize, and Dr Becker’s reply.
    The second nomination occurred shortly after I left Dr Becker’s laboratory in 1980. He told me who had nominated him, and we discussed the information that he would provide to the nominator.
    The second nomination particularly pleased Dr Becker because it came years after he had been forced to retire, but indicated to him that his work had not been forgotten. He was the first and greatest EMF warrior. He sought neither power, money, nor fame. What he did seek was to be recognized for what he accomplished. He always scrupulously respected those investigators whose work paved the way for his work and, in turn, he wanted the same kind of respect.&&

    Andrew A Marino PhD, JD
    Professor, Department of Neurology
    LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport
    1501 Kings Highway
    Shreveport, LA 71130

  4. Susan Reed

    Interesting to offer hope. Yet, the problem with heavy metal toxicity is a person’s body has stored it and it is not easy or quick to excrete. Anything that mobilizes the metals into the blood can allow those metals now to get into the brain – precisely because today’s EMF exposure OPENS the blood-brain barrier. Trying to detox could damage and harm the brain even more because of this. (See the work of Allan Frey, Leif Salford, etc).

    If the machine mobilizes metals that is risky even taking chlorella, although the seaweed does bind to metals. Some folks who badly wish to detox cannot tolerate chlorella. It may cause extreme brain fog, and if cells store metals the body now has to deal with acute toxicity of metal release.

    It is also inconceivable that everyone being harmed by today’s crazy levels of EMF could be helped in time or cured. This would include fetuses, the old, children, people with other conditions. Therefore, spreading the truth about serious biological risks as shown in over 1800 recent studies in the 2012 BioInitiative Reports is crucial. So it recalibrating our standards on RF/MW exposure to protect the public.

  5. Ian Hodgson PhD

    I don’t understand the connection to &&heavy metals&& Is it because they conduct or reflect elecromagnetic waves?

    A good conductor and reflector of such frequencies is sodium an abundant metal in the body.

  6. George

    See that I am one of those 1% of the world who is an extreme EHS sufferer, and have been suffering this debilitating disorder since the late 1960s, I can at least say that the reason why those sufferers who suffer extremely is because of the metals in their blood and tissue. Many extreme sufferers also suffer from burning mouth syndrome because of the amalgam fillings and metal based dental caps. The RFR becomes an electro motive force cutting through the metals in the fillings and release the metal ions, such as chromium and silver from the amalgam and what other metals there are in the dental caps. This goes into your body. Also, when the dentists removed old amalgam and refill with new amalgam many don’t take any safety precautions at all in regards to the mercury vapours during removal.

    Today, the wireless technology has replace asbestos and passive cigarette smoking, which has been banned in our country.

    All we can do is get our body back into line with health, and the get the stuff out of our body that is destroying our immune system. We will NEVER removed the non-ionised radiation, because all governments have made sure of that by increasing the safety regulations to the extreme.

    All the best to those sufferers.

  7. czehfus

    The double whammy is that chelating metals moves them into blood stream. EMR opens the blood brain barrier. Thus, you move metals into the brain. There is no safe place to chelate. In my area the government is encouraging wireless broadband in rural and forest areas. They will leave no place untouched by cell towers and WiMax. It is a death sentence for some, since shielding is extremely difficult with the new frequencies which are modulated and pulsed TO BE ABLE TO PENETRATE buildings, etc. as much as possible. This is worse than tobacco in that THERE IS NO PLACE TO ESCAPE. To someone getting sick this is pure evil from a blindspot in society, andd the endless drive for &&more access&& to everything everywhere. We just want access to our lives and health.

    The gym that has a sauna I used to use will not accomodate me by turning off wifi and limiting cell phones in the locker room area where the sauna is. I was excreting the metals for a few years and feeling better and better. Then wireless exploded. I have lost hope for any kind of normal life. We with EHS are the casualties of the modern age. We are the sacrifices to the wireless god.

      1. agfauteux

        Infrared is heat, not EMFs. All you need to do is have properly wired, low-EMF heating elements. Of course, some people are so intolerant to EMFs that they can’t spend time close to an electric device.

  8. Thanks for all the info.
    On a recent visit to Holland a friend invited me to a sauna… Wonderful. They had an infrared cabin and a meditation room. So quiet and peaceful. Full day around people who have no pockets to put their mobiles or laptops and so no need for wireless. The infrared was an eye opener. Back home build one straight. Looking for a palce in Portugal to start a healing and retreat center. Should be possible in rural areas. With no clients for mobile the drive to put extra antennas gets less.

  9. Ron Wollander

    I discovered a few years ago that shielding myself from EMF’s stopped a very bad case of restless legs syndrome in me. I am very happy to see there is research being done to prove out and find cures for the problems electronic smog is causing people in so many ways.

    Thank you for the additional ideas in preventing the problems they are causing.

  10. Marcella Pope

    I am a sufferer of EMs and am looking to do a home treatment. Is there a certain type of sauna you can recommend? Thanks. I have been very worried I could not tolerate the saunas electro magnetic field.

      1. Francisco

        I suffer deep EHS, took 75 suplements and nothing, also Fatigue chronich , fibromyalgia, chemical Cms all with juditial sentence in Spain.

        Nothing can help me but living out of cmf, just 0.1 mw/meter of wifi screws me

  11. Nixer

    Reading this, I feel as if I’ve stumbled into a parallel universe where an unproven physiological condition actually exists. A naturopath with a doctorate in nutrition…oh dear me.

    1. André Fauteux

      See the history of the microwave bombardment of the American embassy in Moscow https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/the-moscow-signal-experiment-of-the-us-embassy.9559/
      this new paper on the medical diagnosis and treatment of EHS file:///Users/21siecle/Desktop/ijms-21-01915-v2.pdf
      this chapter on microwave sickness from a WHO 1973 conference https://maisonsaine.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/who-warsaw-mw-illness-sadchikova.pdf
      and these recent summaries https://bioinitiative.org/research-summaries/

  12. Elsa k

    Thank you Susan! I am one of those people you so succinctly described, harmed by IR sauna so badly that I now live in a hell unrecognized by mainstream medicine.

    I had a history of heavy metal poisoning and for tears was battling the effects. But it wasn’t until a chance use of an IR sauna that my health took a turn for the worst! Unbeknown to me the sauna was in close proximity to Bluetooth and WIFI devices emitting massive radiation. Within two sessions I became a EMF hyper sensitive individual who could no longer tolerate any amount of EMF exposure. I became accurately aware of my symptoms almost straight away. It was like lightning bolts hitting my head when exposed to any EMFs. Where’s before I could tolerate Bluetooth and used it occasionally I now can not. within seconds of switching it on am crushed with a jolt of pain going through my head that is so severe I feel like I will pass out as well as intense nausea! The same
    is for WiFi and 3G and 4G depending on proximity and length of exposure. I have no doubt in my mind that what you describe is precisely what happened to me. I am a victim of IR and EMF blood-brain barrier compromise that allowed the heavy metals to enter my brain. I also can not tolerate Chlorella as you rightly stated and get terrible fatigue and brain fog which renders me incapacitated for days. I also have to give blood regularly to reduce my blood ferritin as I feel the oxidative stress when a build up occurs. Giving blood gives me tangible relief from the inflammation in my body. There are many other protective actions I must take just to survive on a day-to-day. The most painful thing is that my hell isnt recognisrd by mainstream medicine and no one understands what is happening to me. Thank you again for your message in response to the nay-sayers. I feel there is hope still.

  13. Rebecca

    Does anyone know if certain countries are worse? Odd question but since moving from Arizona to Spain I have been suffering terribly. Can hardly use my phone or ipad. Could it have anything to do with something that’s different in Spain?

  14. Rah

    The power lines in my city were updated to high voltage lines throughout the whole city and there is one running 20 feet from my house. Ever since this change, there is a constant, unbearable noise from these lines. Expensive headphones don’t block the noise and white noise doesn’t quite drown it out but helps a bit. I’ve turned out off the house power to see if it was that but the noise didn’t go away. I’m constantly tired and find it hard to concentrate due to a lack of sleep and hearing this noise, almost a pulsing in my ears/head. So I guess I’m sensitive to electricity. Is there any way to block this or supplements that would make me less sensitive?

SOURCE: https://maisonsaine.ca/english/electrosensitivity-symptoms-can-be-eliminated-in-60-of-people-and-significantly-reduced-in-the-rest-dr-brian-clement.html