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Note Biblik: Since I do what I always wanted, everybody even my very close people calling me a parasite, most incapable to live normal life. Some of them started to hate me, telling me what I have to do to be "normal". In fact, I think so many people just envy me and in fact there's nothing to envy me, because such life in loneliness with books and scripts costs really a lot of energy and strength! It's not an easy life to study everyday and all night write the most important ideas. There's no way for me to go to work, if I want to write a good article or even collect something for an extraordinary book, I have to live in sillence and isolation without sounds from the outer world. That's why night is the best part of the day, when the buzz of human thinking is muted by dreaming. I am sure, that's a good opportunity to "hear" something from the other worlds. But the others say: "You don't have to go everyday to work, you don't have to pay bills, you can go to vacation, you will get almost everything you want, and you don't pay for it with your own money! You have to be like all normal people!" In fact, I never considered my self as a human and I never found my place in this Earth. Earth is for me like a water for an elephant, I've found finally some island in the middle of the ocean and all fishes telling me: "You have to go swimming with us as a normal fish!" I don't consider myself as a big artist, but I am an artist, and when you do art, it's your job and it would be hard to have some other work. 

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