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Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric disease? Do you seek help, or do you think taking pills is ok? In most cases, taking pills is just as turing off the warning light! After a while (or within few years) the problem is here again + dependance of antidepressants! The problem which is not solved keeps rising. That's why is very dangerous just to take pills and live the life as before! But - to stop taking pills is dangerous as well! So what to do?

We may help you to make the right decisions and give you a stable basis of 100% rocksolid informations! We're offering help especially for psychiatic patients. Over 10 years of our experience and hard work with psychiatric pacients brings results:

some people are fully cured from the hardest diagnoses, and many others thanks to God and our informations are much better! We're not members of any religious organization.

Psychiatric diseases can be fully cured, you need the right informations and answers: "What is the cause why people get sick?" or "Why you get sick?" "What to do to avoid such thinking/doing?" When these informations are clear, it's not so hard to get your health back and stay cured.

The first method to get clear answers the direct contact with God or the basis of your own soul - you can get answers what to do from inside, as I've received. I didn't know this is possible, I was just praying for light, strength and perseverance. The inner Teacher - for me Lord Jesus Christ can tell you everything, and He can help you with everything.

A man need just silence, concentration and the exact point or goal. My goal was to be cured, if your goal is the same, you may contact us. After a short dialogue you'll get informations what helps. This is your chance, the time is important, it's good to make right decisions quickly! We can help you make the proper changes in your life, and with our informations you will have much better chances to be cured or make your life better! e-mail:

phone: 00421 32 240 00 65

skype: feather_light

Price: 20 € / consultation (call duration will be in some cases 20-30 minutes max)

Acount number: SK8583300000002101425963


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- email us/skype us your name, date of birth, your problems and questions, send money to our accont and choose communication method phone, e-mail or skype