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"Keby si videl utiskovanie chudobného a olupovanie súdu a spravedlivosti v krajine, nediv sa tej veci; lebo však vysoký s hora pozoruje vysokého a vysokí nad nimi." Kazateľ 5:8

"If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they." Ecclestiastes 5:8


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U.S. goverment documents reveal shocking UFO incidents at American nuclear missile sites:

(Very interesting documentary about UFO activities)

Pýtate sa, prečo sa tretia svetová vojna nikdy nezačala? Je tu vykonávaný starostlivý dohľad :-)

Veľmi zaujímavý dokument o aktivitách UFO v blízkosti nukleárnych hlavíc, slovenské prekl. titulky.

Celkovo jadrová technológia je pre niekoho veľmi zaujímavá, v blízkosti jadrových hlavíc alebo jadrových elektrární môžeme občas pozorovať veľmi zaujímavé veci, ale tých je dnes už plné nebo. Jedna nás však zaujala, nakoľko autor Martin Mikuaš robí vynikajúce videá, tentokrát aj s excelentným popisom v angličtine pod jeho videom:

"Many people still doubt the existence of a flying saucers, but I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance. In a way that confuses people into the large extent, that no one really understand what is happening. It has been written that the sky will "sign". This "sign" already seen a lot of people, but by the end of this age will see it every man of the earth and will be surprised" Corpuscular ship is constructed in detail in accordance with the law of God in the form of light energy. Light corpuscular ship is therefore better as a spiritual power manifested corpuscular ships. The ship can move faster than light. When the object moves faster than light, disappearing from sight. Goes into another dimension. The human eye sees everything that is inside of the light spectrum. When I mention the light spectrum and hit the light spectrum of the sun. With increased intensity of light would blind man. His senses would not notice a higher form of vibration. It can not therefore see the world resulting on a different frequency, although located around beside him. Corpuscular ship can move at high speed. It is therefore invisible to the human eye. By increasing the energy of the corpuscular vessel there is an increase of its speed. If it goes into the vessel by its frequency, it means that moves slower than the maximum speed. This makes it the human eye sees. It manifests itself in the form of light. Reducing the speed to changing light and the human eye, the ship must appear as a solid object. If the moving ship and if it stays on the molecular level, the maximum rate will remain invisible to the human eye. That they are explained in words that corpuscular ship may be the front door of your house and you will not see it. The ship can come to a man secretly. People of it may remain hidden from man. The people of the corpuscular vessels reduces its frequency to a protein molecule in the cell become visible to the human eye. They therefore come secretly and suddenly appear before you in the form of light and energy. At that moment comes the light source, the energy in the form of spirit. You will be influenced by your spirit will be affected the most energy, which manifested itself around you and you will be allowed contact with corpuscular ships. In contact with them you should not worry. Believe me, it's something natural. There is nothing mysterious. Only one who manifests the spirit of mentally able to take this energy will be able to experience the transition from one age to another." Martin Mikuaš, youtube kanál / Martin Mikuas youtube channel:



Toto video Martina Mikuaša by mali vyšetrovať slovenské úrady: