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ENERGETIC MANDALA, magazine Sféra (10/2018) - according to description this mandala is: "programmed for unconditional love, helps understand and live in love with others and ourselves." Manual also says: "Can be activated by touching, viewing or take it into a meditation and ask her for messages and guidance." "Put a glass of water for 20 minutes onto this mandala for energy transfer into water."

"We cooperate with Czechia and Poland. The middle Europe will be a zone without migrants." Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary


"Free yourself from enslavement and start to promote interests of your own nations. You need to develop dignity and respect! Stop frightening and bowing! Because only self-confident state has a hope to improve life conditions and live in peace. Do your work, make your business and maintain peace! Who comes in peace, he is welcome in peace. But who will come with fire and sword, he will perish... (Mat26:52)


"We're facing enemy which is different as we are. He's not vissible, he's hiding. He's not straight, he's a tricky one! He's not fair, he's treacherous. He's not national, he's international. He doesn't believe into real work*, he's speculating with money. He doesn't have his homeland, but he believes he owns the whole world." Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary (Victor Orban is a christian!)

*what is the real work? The slovak sophiologist Dr. Emil Pales said: "EVERYBODY MUST HAVE A REAL WORK." - that is work creating and bringing the real values, not just virtual work or just some work for work, you know, in capitalism many people are working and manufacturing things only to rise funds of investors. Many companies are producing stuff that will nobody use and working for such companies this is not a real work. (some companies are making stuff with reduced lifespan, only to produce and produce and working for these companies is as well not the real work. In complex, I have no doubt, the soul of a man must feel he's doing something really useful.


















Žena s fľaškou - vzor dodržiavania primitívnych opatrení

Woman with a bottle - maybe she said: measures are measures! For some people requiring to wear a bunch of horseshit on their head will be simple: measures are measures!


VOLIČ OĽaNo / voter of the "OĽaNO" - OĽaNO is the ex slovak prime minister's party. In Slovakia, the ex-prime minister Igor Matovič is simply called a psychopat, people believe he's really not ok