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Autopathy is a way to health, a method that has developed out of classical homeopathy and ancient healing traditions. It stimulates the flow of subtle information called life force, prana or qi. It is not only suitable for professional practice but particularly for self-care. Drawing on the author´s experience of many clinical cases the book profiles this remarkable method for dealing with chronic complaints and records its outstanding results.

Jiri Cehovsky has practised classical homeopathy for 35 years. He is the director of The Homeopathic Academy in Prague, where he also lectures. Since 2003 he organizes special seminars on autopathy. This is his third book on the topic. More about the method and its author on


Autor: Mgr. Jiri Cehovsky

Language / Jazyk: ENGLISH

ISBN: 978-80-86936-52-9

Pages / počet strán: 236

dimensions / rozmery: stadard book format / veľkosť bežnej knihy