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(SK článok sungazing tu)


In the year 1962 Mother Mira of Pondicherry Ashram in India suggested to HRM that it was time to bring sungazing to the modern world. HRM then read widely and deeply for thirty long years on the sungazing practices of ancient times, which were once common all over the world with all almost all cultures and religions. Over a three year period of continual and intense experimentation on himself, he successfully established a safe sungazing practice which he is now preaching and teaching to humanity in dozens of countries worldwide. This method is now accepted as a popular health practice known as the phenomenon of HRM sungazing.

The HRM method of safe sungazing can be practiced by any one. It can be practiced anywhere in the world and all over the year in safe times. There are no restrictions. A person can continue his present life style, simply add sungazing, and practice it whenever possible. If one practices safe sungazing with faith and confidence, free from doubts and with the proper understanding, one gets perfect health for mind body and spirit.

The practitioner of safe sungazing, can also add to his practice (1) safe sun warming of the body, (2) drinking and using sun charged water, and (3) walking barefoot on bare earth with a good thick layer of warm soil/sand/dirt that is free from grass, in order to heal the body.

Encouraged by the successful results many more all over the world are practicing the HRM method of Sungazing and thousands all over the world are getting the benefits. Because of the feedback from practitioners the HRM method has been further simplified so that anyone can get benefits without any cost and also be free from the guidance of master or guru.

If one is regular with their practice, then benefits will come quickly; if not then the person benefits little or later. Whether a person is regular or irregular in their sungazing practice they will get some benefits. Success is never denied. It is only delayed for those practicing at intervals and with breaks in an irregular way. Everyone is successful to some degree in this practice.

Very little mind is in the body but the whole body is in the mind. To treat any problem we have to energize not only the physical body but also all of our bodies (mind, body, spirit). Without doing this, we can never completely resolve our health fully. In our brain is a super computer that HRM calls the “brainutor”. Nature has coded inside the brain infinite powers which are largely dormant, and if invoked or awakened we heal by ourselves. That's why sungazing becomes very important. The brain becomes more powerful or energetic only through safe sungazing. The brain has countless neurons and these are important for the efficiency of the brain. With safe sungazing the neurons increase in number and become healthier, and that takes care of human health. The simple key to health is to see that we have not only more neurons, but also totally healthy neurons. It is only through the eyes that the light from the sun reaches the brain and creates beneficial effects in the brain.

In general, much of humanity is afraid of sun to some degree. We have believed that looking at the sun or doing sungazing harms the eyes but that is a wrong belief. Safe sun never harms the eyes and, on the contrary, it makes eyes healthier. The sungazing practices of the Egyptian, Mayan, and Incan priests and priestesses, as well as others, serve to remind us of this truth.

We have all looked at sunrises and sunsets for long periods with no harm. In the same way, if we start practicing safe sungazing in the hour of sunrise hour or the hour of sunset we will get expanded health for mind, body and spirit.

Safe sungazing is a must for better health and to alleviation of health problems. When safe sungazing is added with sun warming of the body, drinking sun charged water and walking barefoot on bare earth, one easily gets cost free health and the presence of a master or a guru is not at all required. One has to understand the practice and start practicing.

Some Practical Observations on Sungazing

Sungazing is best suited to warmer climates, but it can and has been done in more Northern locals such as Canada, and Finland. Literally thousands of people across the globe are using this method to achieve greater health on all levels. Some experience more benefits than others based upon multiple factors such as local, access to sand/dirt/clear view of the sky, and the amount of time devoted to practice. However, more often than not, it is those that sungaze with a positive attitude, an open heart and mind, patience while practicing, and adherence to doing it slow and steady that experience the most benefits and continual benefits.

Many people experience a reduction in their appetite/less hunger, and/or more joy in their lives after sungazing. Some are able to subsist more and more on light as they expand their practice of sungazing, from days, weeks, or even months at a time without eating regular food and/or no food. This is but one reason why some people sungaze. Most people, however, sungaze for the sheer joy of it, the increased eye strength/health, the greater tolerance to light, the lessening of stress, and alleviation of multiple physical ailments so common in our modern day world.

This methodology is simply the rebirth of a science that was commonly practiced by the priests, priestesses, and shamans/cuanderos of long ago. In ancient times, it was a universal spiritual practice. Now it has become a fusion of the ancient spiritual practice as well as a modern scientific practice. Anyone can follow the HRM sungazing method as described below.

Safe Sungazing Practice

Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months.  You can break up the practice in three phases. 0 to 3months, 3-6months and 6- 9months.  You have to walk barefoot for 45 minutes for the rest of your life. Food makes us commit the maximum pain to others and exploit others.  The practice entails looking at the rising or setting sun one time per day only during the safe hours.  No harm will come to your eyes during the morning and evening safe hours.  The safe hours are anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset.  It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes.  To determine the timings of sunrise or sunset, you can check the local newspaper, which also lists the UV Index as 0 during these times. Both times are good for practice - it depends on individual's convenience.  Sungazing also has the added advantage of getting vitamin A and D during the 1-hour safe period window.  Vitamin A is necessary for the health of the eye, the only vitamin that the eye requires.  If you sun gaze, the spectacles and the associated power in the eye will go away and this will provide better eyesight without glasses.   

For those who cannot initially sungaze during the safe periods, sunbathing is an effective method for receiving the sun energy at a slower pace until one is able to sungaze.  Best times to take sunbath is when the UV index is lower 2 or below.  This usually occurs within the 2-hour window after sunrise or  before sunset.  Sun bathing during the day is to be avoided, except for during the winter months, when the UV index usually remains at 2 all throughout which is safe for sunbathing.  Ccheck your local newspaper to see the published results for UV Index to be sure.  Also do not use sunscreen.  When body gets heated up you perspire and sweat is a waste product and needs to go out of the body.  When you are painted or coated with lotions and creams -- they get degenerated and the chemicals enter your body.  It is our malpractice -our wrong use- why we blame the sun for skin cancers.  

0 - 3 Months

First day, during the safe hours, look for a maximum of 10 seconds. Second day look for 20 seconds at the rising sun adding ten seconds every succeeding day.  So at the end of 10 continuous days of sun gazing you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds i.e. 1 minute and 40 seconds. Stand on bare earth with bare foot.  Eyes can blink and/or flicker.  Stillness or Steadiness of the eyes is not required.  Do not where any lenses or glasses while sungazing.

Why don't you watch the sun instead of the TV? The intensity of the TV is much more than the rising or setting of the sun.  If you can watch TV at close ranges for extended periods of time, you can easily watch the rising or setting sun safely.  Have a belief that the sunrays or lights that you are getting into your eyes are of immense benefit and will not harm you. This will give you earlier, quicker and better results.  Even without a belief component also you will get the results provided that you follow the practice, however, it will take longer time. On the other hand, you need not restrict any of your normal daily routines.  There are no restrictions. You can enjoy your food while applying this practice. Hunger will disappear eventually by itself.

You may consider gazing from the same place at the same time daily. Following circadian patterns has its advantages. If you pray, you can have any prayer of your choice. No particular one is suggested and it is not a requirement.  As a precaution, have your eyes examined by a doctor.  This is to err on the side of caution from a scientific standpoint. Also, you should have periodic check ups. Additionally, you can buy photo sun-cards to monitor UV and IR radiation, which are priced at about $2. (when cards are kept in the sunlight).  There is no need to buy an expensive $500 photosensometer.  If your cheeks get heated up then stop gazing. Use common sense.

When you reach three months you will have gazed at the sun 15 minutes at a stretch. If you can watch TV for 3 hours, surely you can see the sun for that long. What is happening as you go up to 15 minutes? The sun energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye are charging the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway behind the retina leading to the human brain.  As the brain receives the power supply through this pathway, it is activated into a brainutor.  One of the software programs inherent in the brain will start running and we will begin to realize the changes since we will have no mental tension or worries. Besides, we will have the self-confidence to face life problems by means of developing a positive mindset instead of a negative one. Moreover, we will become fearless since our psychosis will have disappeared so will have all the ills of the mind. This is the first phase of the method and lasts around 3 months. 

Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin.  In the absence of the sunlight we develop bad qualities. When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones.  Eventually, even spiritual ignorance goes away.  Sometimes, you get confused from what you hear and read.  You get contradictory information such as red wine is good for you and alcohol is bad for you.  You are baffled with life's problems and detest decision-making. But after 3 months of sun gazing, you develop a sense of confidence and know the answers for yourself spiritually.  There is a balance of the mind, where you are in a position to judge personal answers - the correct answers. You develop powers that are already inherent in you.  Bad qualities disappear, anger, greed, jealousy leave you.  You become a lovable creature.  Everybody likes you.  You will do no wrong.  If you are positive or fearless, you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody.  You will become a compassionate person.  This is a great contribution to world peace.  A positive approach creates solutions to problems and waste in society.  There will be no need for environmental engineers.  We won't throw waste, as there is no away.  By 3.5 months everything changes. 

Besides, mental depression will go away.  Psychiatrists are observing that sadness is caused by lack of sunlight. With the practice of sungazing you will not have depression in your whole lifetime. You will achieve a perfect balance of mind. Fear of death will go away.  The state of mind is such that you will welcome death. What is to happen, you will be able to let it happen.  There will be no worries.  Everyone has some sort of mental disorder, which is the biggest human problem, which can be removed by the proper use of sunlight.  

3 - 6 Months

Next, Physical diseases will start being cured.  70 to 80% of the energy synthesized from food is taken by the brain and is used up in fueling tensions and worries.  With a lack of mental tension, brain does not require the same amount of energy as before.  As you proceed in sun gazing and as your tensions decrease the need for food intake will go down.

When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at sun, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have  reached  the brain through the eye.  Brain regulates the flow of color prana appropriately to the respective organs.  All the internal organs get ample supply of the required color prana.  The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana.  Kidney red, Heart yellow, Liver green etc. Colors reach the organs and address any deficiencies. This is how color therapies work --Reiki and Pranic Healing.  There is a lot of information available on color therapy.  This is the process of getting liberated from physical ailments over a six-month period.  After 3-4 months you can become cured of your physical ailments with autosuggestion, which is imagining and visualizing healing your ailments while gazing at the sun.  Scientific methods such as the Solariums, crystals, color bottles, natural stones, gems, all utilize sun energy, which is stored in these natural stones.  You can keep natural color stones in drinking water to further hasten healing.

In solariums there is usually a platform at the height of 100 feet where each of the 7 glass cabinets is constructed for each of the VIBGYOR colors.  This platform revolves around the sun whole day and according to the nature of the disease diagnosed, the patient is placed in the appropriate color for healing.  Similarly, glass drinking water bottles with different colors are kept in sun for 8 hours.  The water gets solarized and water develops medicinal value and is used to treat different diseases.  

Photosynthesis, which we misunderstand, does not in fact need chlorophyll.  Only the plant kingdom needs chlorophyll.  Human body can do it with a different medium.  Photosynthesis is transforming the sun energy into a usable energy format.  This is how Photovoltaic cells work and electricity is produced, similarly water is heated, food is cooked in solar cooker, and solar batteries run automobiles.  

Eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight, which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need per basis.  As a result, you are cured from all diseases.  A 3rd intermediate medium is avoided.  As you continue gazing at the sun, energy is no longer being used up for mental impairments or physical ailments; thus its storage level increases in your body.  You are your own master within 6 months.  

6 - 9 Months

In 6-months time you will start to have the original form of micro food, which is our sun. Additionally, this can avoid the toxic waste that you take into your body while you eat regular food.  

7.5 months and 35 min of sun gazing is when hunger starts going down palpably.  Need for food intake decreases.  No one needs to eat more than his or her hunger levels.  Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body, which is a must for its existence.  Food is not a necessity for the body to function, only energy is.  Conventionally, you are indirectly getting the sun energy while eating food, which is a by-product of sun energy. If there is no sunlight, no food will grow.  

Therefore, as you consume the original form of food, hunger goes down starting to disappear eventually.  By eight months, you should see hunger almost gone. For a dull or weak student or with no belief, this time period may be 9 months or 44 minutes. After that time, hunger disappears forever.  All mechanisms associated with hunger like aroma, cravings, and hunger pangs also disappear. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level.  There is a judgment (having had this experience) that the brain is well activated with the sun energy.  Welldone, you have become a solar cooker.

After 9 Months

After nine months or when you reach to a 44 minutes level, you should give up sun gazing since solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care.  The body will get discharged when you stop practicing, which has to be recharged. Now you have to start walking on bare foot on bare earth for 45 minutes daily for a total of 6 days.  Relaxed walking only.  No need to walk briskly, jog or run.  Any convenient time of the day is all right, however it is preferred to do that when the earth is warmer and the sunlight is falling on your body.  When you walk bare foot, an important gland in the brain's center called the pineal gland or the third eye is activated.  The big toe of the foot represents this gland.  25 years ago it was considered a useless gland.  Now it has become an important gland for study and up to now, about 18,000 papers have been published about it.  It has always been known as the Seat of the soul.  The Pineal gland has optic nerve endings.  The remaining four toes represent glands too -- pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala.  Amygdala for the last 2 years has been gaining importance in medical research. It's a nucleus of the sun or cosmic energy and plays an important role in the photosynthesis via the sunlight reaching the brain through the eye. When you walk bare foot, your body weight stimulates all these 5 glands through your toes.  This is strengthened by the earth heat/energy and the sun prana falling on the head or the crown chakra.  The chakras are not in the spinal cord that is an imaginary location; they are definitely in the brain.  All these create a magnetic field and the body/brain recharges with the energy of the sun entering in you.  Relax. Walk 45 minutes for one year and food continues to be away from you.  After one year of recharging, if you are satisfied with your progress you can give up barefoot walking.  Few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in 3-4 days will be enough from then on.  

But if you want the immune system to strengthen, then keep on the bare foot walking. Also if you want memory power or intelligence to increase, continue the walking practice.  As you increase the sun's heat on your feet the brain will activate more and more, which will result in the more activity of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland has certain psychic and navigational functions.  Navigational means one can fly like the birds. You can develop psychic skills of telepathy, television and have your body at different places simultaneously.  Science has validated human psychic functions and medical experiments are being done to ascertain this.  Different body parts and its organs get purified once you stop eating due to detoxification.  The different internal organs play different mechanical parts for the purposes of space travel and flight.  There is another utility value (other than food digestion) for the internal organs. All the glands have a lot of functions and can perform at optimal level via sun energy.  If you are fortunate to activate the brain optimally you surely will reach enlightenment.  You can read past, present, and future. This method can be safely applied to control obesity.  Almost all problems get solved. 

Historically, a lot of people have remained without food. Accordingly in 1922, the Imperial Medical College in London decreed that solar rays were the ideal food for humans. However, no one has mentioned what their technique was-- For e.g. Yogananda in his book 'autobiography of yogi' interviewed many saints and mystics to find out the secret of their lack of eating food.common reply was that the sun energy entered through a secret door and reached the medulla oblongata in the brain. They did not divulge their secret. This knowledge was lost to common folk at the time.

THANKS TO: Hira Ratan Manek