11.04.2019 17:39

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

"Good and evil are the two forces that drive the wheel of life."

"Dobro a zlo sú dve sily, ktoré hýbu kolesom života."



Poznámka Biblik: v skutočnosti existujú 3 sily: Odstredivá, dostredivá, stabilizujúca. Všetky tri sú prejavom jedinej sily. / In fact, there are three forces: Centrifugal, centripetal and the thrid is a stabilization force. Those three powers are one.

(for example in nature and in our universe: constructive power, destructive power and balancing power / napr. v prírode: sila konštruktívna, sila deštruktívna a ešte sila, ktorá ich vyvažuje)

In three-dimensional thinking: after reaching some "terminal" velocity, everything ends in the "middle" point. (In religion: We are from God and to God we shall return) For example: reaching some "speed" makes space as a one point - what our space really IS !!! At some level - the distance, the time and all 3D aspects (like the start and the end) has no meaning. Traveling to a star billion light years away - for some beings is this a moment! In some level of thinking you can climb using 2m rod up to 20m height. Vectors are unlimited, you can go up, you can go down, right and left, but there is maybe a billion options, billion directions between it, not just 3D directions! To understand this, you have to leave 3D thinking, for some people living now on Earth, such kind of thinking is a common reality.

In the movie K-Pax how did Prot travel to his planet? He just stood up and said: I am on K-Pax... The future of mankind is to combine spiritual forces (nuclear forces inside of a man) with the knowledge of science. Such "device" of future doesn't have any form, it doesn't have any shape, but is the same real as the nuclear reactor is, or it could be used as a spaceship. The fusion of religion and science is the future of mankind.