06.05.2020 13:46

Miroslav Raninec, Soblahovská 1108/21, 911 01 Trenčín, tel. 00421 32 240 00 65, e-mail: biblikATbiblik.sk


British Embassy Bratislava

Dear British Ambassador to Slovakia Mr. Andrew Garth,

I Miroslav Raninec, Slovak citizen gently ask you for asylum in the United Kingdom.

In Slovakia now, everywhere is stalking Police and they’re stopping me, arresting and beating me: Because I refuse to wear mask! I am from an ancient royal family Thurzo, my grandma’s name is Thurzova. My ancestor Juraj Thurzo served as the Palatine of Hungary (György Thurzó, serv. 1609-1616) For me is wearing mask something like for a jew to wear yellow star. If the state or the Police forcibly requests us to wear some dress what we do not want to wear, this is the rebirth of fascism in Slovakia! I am free man, nobody can treat me like his dog! I have been arrested several times by the Police without any real conviction. They can escort me from the street or from my home. Wearing mask in Slovakia is now a duty, there’s some nazi law in Slovakia and we have Police as a GESTAPO! The Police in Slovakia can arrest you because you don’t wear mask when you ride your bike, walk, etc., and I consider it as fascism!

If somebody calls Police, because they can see you jogging in the forest without mask, you have to go to Police station. And they want you to acknowledge! If you don’t want to acknowledge, they can beat you, spraying chemicals on you, putting rags through your face... Last week (30.4.2020) the Police was doing all this bad things to me, inside the Police station! In Slovakia the Police and the Police station in our city (Trencin) turns now thanks to nazi laws to a total anarchy! Men dressed like a terrorists with masks are now in Slovakia the Police, and they act like a terrorists! They can do everything what they want! Why? Because I refused to talk with them why I don’t wear mask! Refusing answer to a question why I don’t wear mask is my right!  I have never been convicted of any crime. But now I can be treated as a criminal.

They could put me to jail! Reason? I simply  don’t wear mask, I can’t accept status of somebody’s dog!

In Slovakia I must always prove innocence against total lies! And I am always treated like a criminal: forcible arrest, handcuffs, violence against me. Nobody asks me if I have booked appointment, hotel, plane... The Police will forcibly escort me where I stand! They always treat me like a criminal. All what I do is I don’t wear mask! And they get always mad when I refuse to answer their questions.

Dear sir Andrew, I simply cannot wear mask, I hope you understand why. Living in Slovakia represents  now a serious danger for me. I refuse any cooperation with this nazi state! I won’t wear face mask, I won’t accept this nazi laws or documents. This is my fight against fascism!!! 

I don’t feel safe in Slovakia anymore.

Dear sir Andrew, please fight for me and please help me as soon as possible, please deliver me in the UK!

God with you! Thank you.      


Miroslav Raninec, Biblik.sk



P.S.: I don’t have passport (last time it was imposibble to get passport in Slovakia (Trencin), because there is no cashier and the machine eating money was broken! I have some british documents (attachement) I went in the UK in 2004, with good references from Dr. Andrew ........, our manager. I speak and write english fluently. I am a christian, I don’t do crime, honestly, I consider myself as a peer, even if I don’t have name and titles of my ancestors Thurzo. Serving God and Lord Jesus Christ - the King of Kings and serving people is our duty. I am not a member of any organization. I just want to live in peace as a free man. I refuse to wear mask, for me this is a final frontier. The Police could put me in jail, like a jew what refused to wear the yellow star. Reasons why I want to live in the UK is the life and work in peace.

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