07.07.2020 20:27

What od you think our planet really is? In my opinion, I think the Earth is a living being, now somewhere in the age of puberty. I think Earth one day could become a star!

Anyway, as a fact I consider creating a new matter. According to my information it's around 20 square kilometers per year. The Earth is growing! She looks like as our Universe in small, you know, the space is according to official science growing as an air in the baloon. As you breath much air into the baloon, the dots on it's surface are getting far away from each other. The same process we can observe with continents on Earth - Earth is growing:

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GMBCATASTROPHE 1 year ago @Rebecca Ringler:

"You only get good information off NASA by accident.

They one time reported

that they had measured its growth

at about 18mm in radius each year then you never hear about it again.

The sun and earth are getting further away from each other

15cm per year also but this is all hushed up. 

Orbits tend to be energy positive. 

But this goes against the conservation of energy law.

Which is nonsense since if energy and matter

were conserved there could be neither energy nor matter."



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